How Augmented Reality is Changing E-Commerce for the Better

Shopping online is great. Who doesn’t love the convenience of being able to buy almost anything they need and having it delivered to their home at the click of a button? At your fingertips is a wider variety of any kind of item you care to think of than you’d find in most shopping malls, sometimes at a fraction of the price. e-Commerce has its pitfalls, however. Humans are naturally risk-averse and, particularly with expensive purchases such as furniture and cosmetics, we are hesitant to spend money on something we can’t touch or try. There are several ways to overcome this, such as a compelling returns policy, short trial periods before committing, and offering lots of free samples. Or you

Why Marketing Automation is one of the Best Ways to Build Customer Relationships

A marketer's worst enemy: trapped doing repetitive tasks that prevent you from focusing on the bigger picture and the long-term marketing strategy of your business. This is why Marketing Automation is so sought after: increasingly accessible, this technique saves valuable hours and quickly improves your brand's online user experience and customer relationship while saving you your most valuable resource: time. What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation refers broadly to the automation of digital marketing campaigns triggered by a set of predefined conditions and according to the user's information and/or behaviour. Examples include the automatic sending of emails, sms, contact segmen

Why Responsive Web Design is Essential to your Business

Remember around six years ago when you just got your first smartphone and started trying to browse the internet on it, only to find a nightmare of websites that you had to zoom in on so you could read the content on your tiny screen? It was a nightmare and made mobile browsing the equivalent of eating junk food for dinner: you’re not proud of it and you barely enjoyed it, but it was the only option in a pinch. Many websites initially addressed this issue by creating an additional mobi site which users would be automatically directed to if they were browsing on mobile. However, this was not only complicated by the later introduction of the tablet, but it also meant having to manage several di

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