Neuromarketing's Role in Fintech Adoption vs Traditional Branch Banking

Fintech is an increasingly common word in our everyday lexicon. The debate now is whether Fintech is replacing or strengthening traditional branch banking – and if it’s the former then why haven’t traditional banks disappeared altogether? In this blog post, we’ll get into this debate and give the Neuromarketing perspective. Traditional branch banking In traditional branch banking, customers physically go to a bank branch in order to carry out their various banking and other financial activities. The banking industry was also able to engender trust, credibility and legitimacy with clients through the physical branch itself. Banks were initially built at a grand scale, using expensive material

The Psychology of Finance - How to win clients and influence investors

Waiting for your baggage at the airport is the worst. For a while Houston airport tried everything to reduce complaints about waiting times. They streamlined their offloading system, reducing the actual wait time considerably. However, they still received complaints. That is, until they moved the arrival gates further away from the incoming planes so passengers had to walk for longer before receiving their luggage. Complaints decreased significantly. This is because time spent waiting feels longer to us than time spent doing something, such as walking. This goes to show that psychological trickery is at the heart of your everyday experiences - more than you’d think. So where does psychology

Your Brain on Money - Winning and Losing

In a world full of skyscrapers, smartphones, and spirulina smoothies, it’s hard to remember that humans are animals. That is, until it comes to how we handle money. We’d like to think that we make well-informed, rational decisions but everyone who’s ever seen the inside of a casino knows otherwise. Much like our animal counterparts, we have some pretty strange habits when it comes to precious resources. Money is no exception. Wanting and Winning From back when we were barely more than primordial sludge, it was important for us to want to find things. These things included food, shelter, water and other resources critical to our survival. As humans evolved, so did the system in our brain that

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