Why Attention Spans Are Dwindling & What This Means For Marketers

According to the Centre for Mental Health at Schools, the capacity for attention appears to be shrinking in response to exponential increases in technological innovations and acceleration. The “attention economy” is a term used to understand attention as a scarce resource, whereby economic theory may be used to understand the various problems that derive from attention scarcity constraints. There are many definitions of attention, but most narrowly define it as a cognitive resource with limited quantity, which may be depleted through expenditures of attention during information processing. From a psychological perspective, attention is often defined as focused mental engagement on an item of

Social Media On Your Brain

Ever wondered whether spending time on social media has an impact on your brain? Actually, Social Media can change your brain. New forms of content based marketing may use these understandings to optimise their brand communications and messaging! Neuromarketing may be an excellent means of optimising on this knowledge. CHECK OUT OUR INFOGRAPHIC THAT EXPLAINS THE EFFECTS SOCIAL MEDIA HAS ON OUR COGNITION:

Coca-Cola Consumer Insights: In-Store Eye Tracking Study

Coca-Cola SA commissioned us, Africa's leading Neuromarketing agency, to do an in-store Neuromarketing case study to investigate the consumer experience of the informal trade. The study involved hooking consumers up to the Eye-tracking and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) technologies as they were about to enter spaza shops and general dealers in Soweto (Johannesburg) and Khayelitsha (Cape Town). The Consumer Insights Gathered This gave us greater insight into what grabbed their attention, memorable aspects of their shopping journey, and what mind set they were in. This allowed us to understand whether they were being driven by emotion and giving little thought to what they were doing, or whethe

How We Turned Music Into Something You Can Taste

Neuromarketing Case Study With Heineken For the first time in the history of the world, for one night only, Heineken® took sensory experience to the next level by allowing people to turn flavour into brainwaves, brainwaves into sound waves, and sound waves into music. Heineken Turn Taste Into Music Working with ground-breaking composer Nicholaas Van Reenan (of Fever Trails), maverick chef Jade de Waal, and masters of brain mapping, Neural Sense™, Heineken® were able to give their audience a revolutionary taste experience by connecting their brains to our DJ's software through an EEG headset, whereby their synapses turn taste into totally unique Next Level music tracks in real time. Audience

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