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The Revolution of Short-Term Insurance

The Revolution of Short-Term Insurance Vector Art

Anyone who has tried to apply for short-term insurance through a call centre knows that it can be a long and tedious process.

Not to mention, going through a call centre representative always leaves room for human error and miscommunication leading to a series of tiresome back and forth phone calls.

In light of the above, Neural Sense was approached by one of the insurance big guns, Liberty Group SA. Their objective was to revolutionise the short term insurance industry by cutting down the process to a matter of minutes. The revolution was to fall squarely on the shoulders of a chatbot. No lengthy phone calls, no frustration, no chance for human error - efficiency level: German.

Once built, the Liberty chatbot will be replicated across multiple channels like Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

Our task was to enable Liberty to optimise the creation of their new chatbot app through iterative consumer neuroscience testing.

Liberty (short-term insurance) chat bot development

What exactly is a chatbot?

Confused about what a chatbot actually is? Well, it’s a computer program or artificial intelligence program designed to simulate conversation with humans over the internet. A person can type in their questions and the chatbot will respond with the correct answers.

Many chatbots are able to learn about a person through previous interactions to personalise the experience. For example, the Liberty chatbot can remember all your previous short-term insurance interactions and tailor future conversations accordingly.

Liberty (short-term insurance) chat bot development

But, what do chatbots have to do with Neuromarketing anyway?

Beyond optimising the user-experience and user interface of the chatbot itself, Neuromarketing can also help determine the optimal human computer interface – like what personality the chatbot should possess, what language (words, tone, register) it should use, and determine whether it would be best represented as a real person or an animated character – to be best establish trust, engagement and credibility.

Liberty needed to understand how users interact with the various functions of the app’s interface during the development of the app. Did they understand what needed to be done? Was their user journey smooth and effortless? Was there anything that was causing confusion or frustration?

All questions that can be answered through Neuromarketing testing.

Neuromarketing chat bot development

Creating a Chatbot for Liberty, The Process

In order to create exactly what Liberty needs, we conduct consumer neuroscience research with a number of willing respondents every three weeks as part of Liberty’s overall agile development process. In this way, the app developers and designers are able test their assumptions and uncover user experience insights in real time, which are then immediately implemented into the design.

Respondents are hooked up to a number of consumer neuroscience technologies to assess their user experience.

These include, Electroencephalography (EEG) headsets, which measure levels of engagement, distraction and workload; Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) devices, which measure levels of emotional engagement achieved; remote Eye-tracking technologies, which measure attention and awareness levels; and Facial Coding (FACS) technologies, which measure the types of emotions experienced and their overall emotional valence.

Together, these measures provide us with an in-depth and unbiased understanding of the emotional and cognitive aspects of the user experience, thereby enabling us and the designers to optimise the user experience.

Fulfilling The Needs of Clients Through Custom Technology

Liberty is still in the midst of developing this chatbot-driven short-term insurance service that will go to market later this year. Once live, the chatbot will be able to get you a quote in under five minutes, and buy you a policy in eight.

Imagine how much time you could save with only five minutes?

That’s less time than it took for you to read this post!

Ready to improve your users’ experiences through AI and chatbot technology? Let’s talk! Contact us to find out how we can streamline your business processes and increase ROI using the science of Neuromarketing.

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