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Neuromarketing World Forum 2018

Neuromarketing World Forum

Neuromarketing World Forum is about to kick off in Singapore, and we couldn't be more excited. The NMWF is the biggest event on any neuromarketers calendar and provides us with the latest innovations, research and discoveries in the field. If there's any place to learn about the state of neuromarketing in 2018, this is it.

Consumer neuroscience is becoming more and more attractive to bigger brands as a way of better understanding consumer decision-making, which makes forums like NMWF crucial. Not only is neuroscience more accessible and scalable, it also helps marketers to understand consumers at a deeper level than was possible before. This makes the field pivotal for the future.​​​​​​​ To add, if interest from big international brands like Coca-Cola and Facebook is anything to go by, it's safe to say that neuromarketing has established itself as an essential tool for quantifying consumer insights.

What Exactly is the Neuromarketing World Forum About?

The forum amounts to two full days of rubbing shoulders with the very best minds in the neuromarketing and neuroscience industry. However, what the forum most explicitly confirms is that neuromarketing is not a fad, but rather an integral part of the market research process.

The forum is an annual event of the Neuromarketing Science Business Association (NMSBA) and is the gathering of those with a professional interest in neuromarketing. There will be talks, networking and an exhibition. It covers topics in neuroscience, market research, consumer insights, marketing and academic research. The forum will address where neuromarketing is today, and where it is headed in the future.

The Meeting Point Between Science and Marketing

One of the best things about the Neuromarketing World Forum is not just the opportunity to network with clients and vendors, but also the event’s scientific edge. A place where neuroscientists and marketers are free to engross themselves in the latest interesting and exciting topics in the field. The Neuromarketing World Forum brings with it genuine enthusiasm for learning and collaboration that isn’t often associated with other market research forums. This is key to fostering and growing the industry we find ourselves in.

Neural Sense at the Neuromarketing World Forum

The Neuromarketing World Forum comprises an exhibition, workshops and talks, which we are proud to contribute to again this year. Not only is Neural Sense a sponsor at the forum, but our director David Rosenstein will be delivering a talk entitled Consumer Neuroscience in Developing Markets: Insights into Africa. The talk will address the challenges and limitations of consumer neuroscience technology and methodology in developing markets.

We’re looking forward to hearing from a number of industry leaders this year, which include the following:

- The Neuroscience of Creativity: Two Business Cases by Richard Silberstein, Chairman, Neuro-Insight​​​​​​​

- EEG-Based Emotion Recognition Algorithm by Natalia Galkina, Founder, stakeholder and CEO of NeuroTrend JSC

- Stage, Cinema and Virtual Reality Compared by Elissa Moses, CEO, Neuro and Behaviour Science, IPSOS

- Music and the Consumer's Mind by Bradley Vines, Director, Neuroscience Europe, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience ​​​​​​​

- The Power of Fragrance: Its Effect on Activation Level and Cognition by Tomasz Soluch, -

- Research Director, Institute of Sensory Analysis (ISA) ​​​​​​​

- The Role of Neuroscience in Sensory Testing by Brendan Murray, VP of Client Services, iMotions

...among many, many others.

Get the full Neuromarketing World Forum Agenda by simply clicking here.

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