March 18, 2020

As Covid-19 continues to spread worldwide, those of us who can are practicing social distancing. This means working from home and avoiding large gatherings of people as much as possible. While this is a responsible measure intended to keep more of us healthy, social is...

February 5, 2020

In a world full of skyscrapers, smartphones, and spirulina smoothies, it’s hard to remember that humans are animals. That is, until it comes to how we handle money. We’d like to think that we make well-informed, rational decisions but everyone who’s ever seen the insid...

July 31, 2019

It’s the same in almost every sci-fi movie. The protagonist is strapped to a chair, kicking and screaming, and subdued just long enough for an array of wires and electrodes to be strapped to his head. Despite his best efforts, the antagonists begin to read his thoughts...

What makes us love some brands? Why are we so loyal to some but not others? And to what extent are we capable of feeling love for a brand?

Mirror Neurons are a hot topic, but the functioning of mirror neurons in the human brain is still fairly controversial and speculative. This is mostly because the studies that have investigated mirror neurons have largely been conducted in monkeys and other non-human p...

How "Sales Holidays", like Black Friday, affect the decision-making systems of the brain making us want more and heightening the impact of FOMO on our consumer behaviour.

November 14, 2018

Is there really a buy button in our brains that scheming Neuromarketers can manipulate and control? Or, is this a fallacy resulting from poor knowledge about the field?

October 10, 2018

Why our brains deceived us into thinking Germany would win the 2018 Soccer World Cup by falling prey to fallacies and biases, and how to prevent this from happening for the next World Cup.

August 28, 2018

Want to avoid campaign controversy? Here are 5 reasons your business needs Neuromarketing in 2018.

Neuromarketers are getting better at predicting what is remembered and seen in advertising. Cutting edge machine learning is providing the tools.

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